Hindus HSSS, Hansi

    Hindu Sr. Sec. School

School Rules

Important Points for Students & Parents

1. Your conduct outside home reflects on your bringing up at home and school.
2. Students of classes up to 10th are not permitted to drive a car, scooter, moped or motor cycle to come to the school. Parents of students of classes XI and XII who wish their wards to drive a scooter or motorcycle to come to the school, must apply in written and take prior permission of the Principal for the same. No student will ride a scooter without License and wearing a helmet, properly secured to the head.
3. As a student of a Co-educational institution, you must take care to adhere to socially acceptable dress code, especially on informal occasions. To adhere to the wearing of school uniform on all occasions at school is a sound practice to follow.
4. You must not wear /bring any jewelry items to school like chains, rings, bangles etc. or spray perfume or nails polish, Girls are allowed to wear single pair of ear rings/ stud.
5. Do not bring any eatable like toffees, chocolates, supari pouches, cold drinks, packed snacks etc. or articles like cassettes, gifts, blades, toys, cards, autograph diaries, pencil sharpening knives etc. to the school , unless especially instructed by the class teacher.
6. Fine may be imposed for irregularity and acts of indiscipline.
7. You must bring students diary to the school on all working days.
8. You are required to speak in English in the school to acquire proficiency in this language.

 Please check the Student’s Diary of your ward regularly and communicate with the class/ subject teachers through space provided in the diary for the same.
 PTSM (Parents Teacher Student Meeting) are organized monthly so that you do not have to rush for discussing problems related to your ward’s academic progress, every now and then.
 It is obligatory for your ward to witness all activities and functions at the school.
 Do not send sweets, snacks, junk food or gifts for distribution in the school to class children or teachers, on your ward’s birthday or for any occasion these practices lead to competition among children. A feeling of inferiority is set in among those who cannot do so due to monetary constraints at home.
 Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones, any costly items in the school campus.
 Ensure that your ward’s hair style should be simple. Awkward hair styles like mushroom cut, crew cut and spikes are not permitted. Low waist and narrow bottom trousers are not permitted.
 The damage of school property and the loss of library books by the students are to be made good by the parents.
 Attendance - 75% attendance is mandatory for taking trimester exams.
 The decision of the Principal, in all matters of dispute, will be final and binding on all parties.
Kindly intimate the school office, the changes, if any, in address, telephone no. etc.